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Elsie-Babe Picture Book

Join the waitlist for the pre-order of Elsie-Babe, the story of a naughty tooth fairy who needs to learn to share!

Find out more about the story by clicking that there button and come and join us for some extra treats!


What I Do

I am Nicola Ellen, a mixed media artist and children's book illustrator living in Sheffield.

I create playful and surreal illustrations from layers of marks and shapes made from oil pastel, pencil and inks.

I recreate my favourite places and create new Worlds in quirky collage illustrations. Sometimes they are scenes that I'd love to jump right in to and explore!

To see more of what I do, click on a picture below to take a look around my website!

Spring Landscapes Paintings Collection

Head over to my portfolio to see more about my new canvas collection Spring Landscapes.

For a behind the scenes peek at life in my studio, I have a blog - affectionately known as my Journal.

Click below to have a peruse.

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