I am Nicola Ellen, a mixed media artist from Sheffield. I create playful illustrations of the World around me and worlds that I would love to live in with paper, oil pastels and inks.


You can usually find me painting on canvasses or windows or cutting up paper for collages! When I'm out exploring, you can bet there'll be a sketchbook and pencil nearby! Adventuring and sketching the outdoor world is where most of my ideas come from!

2016-03-20 Win Hill walk (8).JPG



I paint cheerful window displays that brighten up empty spaces and attract customers to shops.

I explore the movement, colour and shape of the landscape art in oil pastels and acrylic paints. These are available as standalone artworks.

I recreate my favourite places and create new Worlds in quirky collage illustrations. Sometimes they are scenes that I'd love to jump right in to and explore!