Drawing and painting is a way for me to experience the world and learn about the things I am observing. I love learning about the things I draw and I enjoy the creative challenge that illustrating nature presents me. Painting landscapes allows me to completely absorb myself in nature and the beautiful colours it has to offer. I try to capture the movements, colours and shapes of nature and that helps guide my work.

My particular interest is in drawing foliage and flowers, landscapes and beautiful skyscapes, but I enjoy the challenge of illustrating and painting anything. Creating characters to sit in my landscapes to make quirky scenes brings me a lot of joy and I really enjoy watching them all come together.

I work with traditional media; pen, ink, pencil, oil pastels, oil and acrylic paint. For me, mixing media makes for a lot of messy and playful fun! 

I’m never without a sketchbook and pencil and will draw almost anywhere. I take any chance to draw while we're out and my daughter loves to join in too! It's a great chance for me to observe the landscapes and they then feed back into my work. Especially as a lot of the landscapes I create are based on real life ones from around where I live.

I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember; drawing with my Dad when I was really young and creating my own characters with their own stories when I was a little bit older. I took the chance to study art at every opportunity I could through school, going on to study a BA hons in Illustration and Design.

I am lucky enough to live in Sheffield, and draw great inspiration from the fantastic historic architecture around the city as well as the beautiful sights of the Peak District and the Moss Valley right on my doorstep. With the best of both worlds it’s so easy to soak up inspiration.

If you are interested in my work for a commission or product idea, please contact me using the link below.

I can't wait to work with you! :)