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for where you can find me online

Find out more about Elsie-Babe, the naughty tooth fairy who doesn't like to share. You can sign up to join the waitlist for pre-order!

My monthly newsletter where I share news and behind the scenes from the studio, tips, discounts and freebies

My blog where I share behind the scenes and thoughts related to my work roughly every two weeks

A free downloadable guide with tips to clear creative block for visual artists and illustrators

A friendly and fun Facebook community sharing advice, chat and tutorials to help people who want to learn new creative skills or shift a creative block. Come join us!

Mindfulness colouring pages that you download straight into your inbox 

Paintings, prints and colouring pages

Apparel and homewares with cute dogs on!

Find out more about wholesale orders for my building prints and request a digital catalogue

Fun short animations made from my collages

Semi regular updates!

A collection of boards related to my work and inspiration

Bath bubbles collage illustration by Nicola Ellen Illustration 2021.jpg
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