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A Very Sheffield Gift Guide

An introduction to my online store and where you can find some of my favourite Sheffield artists and creators.

Hello again!

So, what do I actually sell then?

Well, while I have a mix of different products, they are mostly linked by Sheffield and Derbyshire and my love for the nature and history of both areas. They feed into a lot of my illustrations and paintings. I will add a little disclaimer that not all artworks are of Sheffield or Derbyshire locations. Some buildings are just too amazing not to draw! All artworks were made in Sheffield though.

A photograph of a framed oil pastel drawing by Nicola Ellen Illustration. The photo is on a blue background with pink writing that says 'A very Sheffield Gift Guide'

So I am going to talk you through some of my favourite products from my shop that would make perfect Christmas presents, and the inspiration for them.

Shall we get to it?

What's in My Shop and Where can you Find it?

My online shop is on and you will find it here at I sell a range of different prints and original artworks, each listed with their own heading below. Clicking the links below will get you to the section you want to see.


Historic Building Illustration Prints

Pictured: Bishops' House, Samuel Worth Chapel, Tapton Hall

I have been drawing historic buildings from around Sheffield for a number of years now. What started as a mini project to learn more about the City and its history, turned in to a full set of illustration prints as I discovered a love for architecture and drew my favourite buildings along the way. The buildings I illustrated are also some of the best loved buildings in Sheffield with some incredible history.

This is a collection of a5 prints, with an a4 print of Bishops' House too (as pictured above). These are perfect for home galleries, mixing and matching your favourite buildings, or matching your wedding venue with your wedding photos. Click on the button below to see the full collection!

Printable Sheffield Art

Pictured: Mylnhurst, Dunstanburgh Castle, Carbrook Hall

Now I don't know about you, but I am not always the most organised shopper and I have been known to buy things last minute, despite my best efforts! If you are the same, have no fear - with a printable version of the building illustrations in the section above, you can beat the post and print out an illustration from the comfort of your own home! You receive the illustration by email once you've finalised the order. How convenient is that? All you need is a printer and a decent piece of paper to print it out onto.

Oil Pastel Landscapes

Pictured: Winnats Pass, Burbage Rocks, Moss Valley Fields

I love to capture the movement and colours of nature and one of my favourite ways is with oil pastels. They have such a beautiful texture and fluidity to them that makes drawing nature a dream. There are two collections of varying sizes of oil pastel landscapes in my shop. The first is a series of landscapes from the Moss Valley in Derbyshire (all roughly A5 in size, but all varying in exact size). The Moss Valley has some really beautiful streets with stunning views. The houses and farms here have obviously been here a long time and are stunning set against the fields and trees of the valley. These artworks were inspired by a rainy Spring time walk in the Moss Valley, where everything looked at it's best and fresh from the rain.

The second collection is of some of my favourite views in Sheffield and Peak District landscapes. These range between A4 and A2 in size. The creamy textures of the oil pastels bring these scenes to life. The two pictured above are from the Peak District, one of Winnats Pass and the other Burbage - two really dramatic scenes that were really fun to recreate.

Skyscape and Landscape Paintings

Pictured: Evening Sunset, Shepherd Wheel, Heather on the Moor

I love to create to different sizes of canvas and the three above very greatly in size. Depending on the size of wall space you have, there is something for everyone. Shepherd Wheel is a tiny box canvas that would fit in your hand whereas the Heather on the Moor canvas is going to take much more space up on your wall. There's a lot of texture to these too, just like with the oil pastel drawings.

The skyscapes are inspired by stunning Autumnal sunsets, you know the ones that light up the sky and disappear really quick? They were a lot of fun to create and capture in acrylic paint. They are on board canvasses and can be framed. They make a great standout piece of art on any wall.

There are so many great artists and creators in Sheffield and I have created a Pinterest board of them... I mean it is in progress because I keep discovering new local artists. However, do check it out for more gift ideas!

That is all for this week and I hope it has given you some Christmas gift ideas and an insight to what I do outside of commissions. Thank you for taking to time to be here.

If you'd like to keep up with news from the studio and receive exclusive discounts for my shop, sign up to mailing list below and I will send you an email every 2 months, along with a free illustrated desktop calendar. There'll be a festive email coming next week!

You can find me over on Instagram in between newsletters and blog posts: Instagram/nicolaellenillustration

Have a lovely week :) xx


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