Window painting is a fun and effective way of catching attention and spreading the word about your business or celebrating a particular event. Stunning seasonal window displays attract and engage customers, making their experience more memorable.

As we approach Christmas and the Winter season during lockdown, a festive window will help welcome your customers back with open arms as they venture back out. If you are able to stay open during this time, why not bring joy with a beautiful window.


During the Covid-19 lockdown, I am able to work safely inside your place of work, as long as it adheres to your safety measures and guidelines.

If you would you like a window painting your house window, I can do this from the outside safely, as long as guidelines are adhered to. The pens I use will last for a long time, all we need is a dry window and a dry day to stop the paint running.

I offer a 15minute consultation via Zoom (Tuesday and Thursday afternoons only) so that you can decide if it's for you! Alternatively, you can email me at hello[at]


Prices vary in relation to the window size and work involved and will be confirmed after the consultation but prices start at

£50 for a house window

£150 for a business window

Fee to be paid in full before the work commences.

**please note that prices will increase in January 2021**

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