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Children's Picture Book


The story of a naughty tooth fairy who likes to keep the teeth she's collected!

Will she learn to share?

Cuddle up with your child and read to see what happens when

Elsie-Babe encounters the Fairy King!

Elsie-Babe is now available to pre-order!

Pre-orders end on 19th March

Orders will be posted on 15th April 2024

Elsie-Babe with a tooth Children's book by Nicola Ellen Illustration 2023_edited.jpg

We are incredibly excited to share with you that Elsie-Babe is available to pre-order. It has been a wonderful project to work on and we can't wait for you to see the book and share it with your children!

We are proud to be self-publishing Elsie-Babe so that we have control of how the book will look and feel when it is in your hands. We hope it will be a book for you to cherish and one that your child will love coming back to over and over again.

Fairy Colouring Sheet Flat Lay Elsie-Babe Nicola Ellen Illustration.jpg

When you sign up for emails about Elsie-Babe, you will receive a free colouring sheet of Elsie-Babe's World that you and your children can enjoy colouring in together! You will also receive a few emails with exclusive behind the scenes details on the making of the book and it's characters! Then when your book is ready to be printed, I will email you to let you know and you can be one of the very first to be reading this book.

The book won't be sent out to you immediately, this will be the end of February. We are only planning a limited run of the book, so to make sure you don't miss out on this very special book, be sure to pre-order your very own copy!

Elsie-Babe Front Cover Nicola Ellen Illustration 20231.jpg

Meet the Author

Michele Fudge

Elsie-Babe was written and published as a poem, about a naughty tooth fairy. Michele was inspired to write Elsie-Babe in 1997 for her daughter, who at the time was two years old. The character design is loosely based on her as a baby!

Michele Fudge - author of Elsie-Babe picture book
Nicola Ellen illustrator of Elsie-Babe picture book

Meet the Illustrator

Nicola Ellen

'My work is hugely inspired by nature and I sketch wherever I go. These sketches form the beginnings of my illustrations, many of which feature in Elsie-Babe. My inspiration for character expressions and movements come from my daughter, who, though not naughty, can be very cheeky indeed!'

You can read more about the process of Elsie-Babe and the self-publishing experience we had, in these blog posts;

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A page spread from Elsie-Babe Tooth Fairy Children's story by Nicola Ellen Illustration
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