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Are you looking for five minutes peace?

Sign up and take some time to yourself with a drink, your favourite colouring pencils and a comfy seat and reeeeelax!

This free downloadable colouring sheet is of this beautiful overgrown cruck building cottage.

  • Maybe you need to clear a busy mind, relax a tired body or keep the children entertained for a little while?

  • All those tiles, bricks and beams make for a really soothing time colouring in.

  • Maybe you want to spend a bit of quiet time with your child?

  • Have you ever noticed that it can be a lot easier to talk to a child about something they're trying to avoid, when they are concentrating on something like colouring? 

  • Maybe you just want something to do just for fun?

So fill in your details, download and print the colouring sheet, grab a drink, your favourite colouring pencils and find a comfy spot to spend some time to yourself! Go on, put your feet up - you deserve it!

When you sign up to my email list, Studio Notes, you will receive;

  • Monthly emails - no spam!

  • A FREE downloadable mindfulness colouring sheet with every email.

  • Exclusive discounts that I rarely share on social media!

  • Behind the scenes peaks at what I'm working  on and some of my processes

  • Creativity tips and fun things to create

  • Sneak peaks at big projects

  • Be the first to know of pre-sales and pre-orders!

  • And many many more freebies and treats along the way!

So what do you say? Come and join us?

Nicola Ellen inking an illustration of Roche Abbey
A selection of 9 illustrations of Nicola Ellen Illustration's recent work

Hello, I am Nicola Ellen of Nicola Ellen Illustration!

I am a mixed media illustrator and artist. I create playful and surreal illustrations from layers of marks and shapes made from oil pastel, pencil and inks.

I recreate my favourite places and create new Worlds in quirky collage illustrations. Sometimes they are scenes that I'd love to jump right in to and explore!

I explore the movement, colour and shape of the landscape in my illustrations and paintings.

©Nicola Ellen Illustration 2023 | All images on this website are copyrighted by Nicola Ellen. | Privacy Policy

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