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Stop-Motion Animation Workshop

How to create a stop-motion animation from collage illustrations

In this workshop, you will learn how to create your own collage illustration with moving parts and then how to make it into an animation. These are skills that you can build on to make more complex illustrations and animations with each one you create.

The workshop will be on 15th September 2023.

It is a practical session showing a few different techniques and set ups, so will be pre-recorded to account for this. You won't have to do any work as you watch it the first time round and you will have lifetime access** to the recording, so you can keep going back to it as you work through each step.

** For as long as the course exists, though the platform may change. You will be given plenty of notice of any changes or course expiry.

What you will learn in this Stop-Motion Animation Workshop

  • How to create a simple illustration/ characters in collage with moving parts

  • How to get set up ready to take photos

  • Simple tools, materials and equipment to use

  • How to put everything together to make a short animation

What you get by signing up today:

  • Access to the Stop-Motion Animation workshop on 7th September 2023

  • Lifetime access to the workshop

  • Full access to the course this workshop will be made into for NO EXTRA COST (the course will be £29 but you'll get it and any future additions locked in at the workshop price)

  • Access to my private client only Facebook group for support

Sign up for the Stop-Motion Animation Workshop at £9

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